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AGV is the leader in integral security specialized in the provision of services and security solutions.

The security strategy developed by ArmorGroup Venezuela is based on a discipline proven by its experience, based on a thorough investigation and thorough evaluation of possible threats, followed later by the development of contingency plans and application of resources for the management of security.


ArmorGroup Venezuela has multinational clients related to the oil, mining, pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, banking and various businesses.

In ArmorGroup Venezuela we have national coverage with offices in the main cities; Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia and Puerto La Cruz.


Provide Integrated Services Security and Risk Management at national level to meet the needs of customers, the expected returns of our shareholders and the welfare of the employees of the organization, respecting the existing legal framework.


Be the best provider of Integrated Security Services and Risk Management in Venezuela.


We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by offering excellent services Consulting Security and Risk Management, developed professionally and cutting edge, guiding our efforts in developing the competence of human resources, work equipment and continuous process improvement through the System Quality Management, which keeps us as leaders in the provision of Security Services and Risk Management in Venezuela.



AGV policy "ANTI bribery and ANTI corruption"

The Code of Ethics is part of the wider ArmorGroup Venezuela (AGV), Business Ethics Policy, sets out how it is expected that all employees behave to perform our core value of integrity. Of the Code of Ethics it is stated that AGV is completely opposed to bribery and corruption of any kind.

AGV supports international efforts to combat bribery, through a series of policies that determine our commitment to comply with international treaties and with all local and transnational laws. It has created a number of new policies being implemented throughout AGV and others have been revised to ensure that our approach is robust.

These policies ensure that all employees and representatives understand that it is never acceptable to pay or receive bribes of any kind, directly or through a third party, to any person, even in countries where bribery is customary.

No employee of AGV, he is allowed to accept or offer commissions or benefits from suppliers or related issues. AGV, prohibits the payment of kickbacks to public officials, contractors or employees of current or potential customers.

ArmorGroup Venezuela completely opposes Bribery and Corruption.

 ArmorGroup Venezuela's Offices


Av. Orinoco, Centro Empresarial Roca, piso 3. Las Mercedes.

Telf.: +(58) 0212 3252796 - 0212 7154551 - 0212 7154771 - 0212 7154741


Av. Henrry Ford, C.C. Paseo Las Industrias PB. Local 37. Valencia Estado Carabobo.

Telf.: +(58) 0241 617 4965

Celular: 0412 423 2491 /  0414 332 4175


Avenida 4 Bella Vista, con Calle 76, EDF Don Matias, Piso 6, OFC 6A. Maracaibo Estado Zulia.

Telf.: +(58) 0261 783 0260

Celular: 0414 522 4872 / 0412 652 0208


Av. Intercomunal Sector Las Garzas, Centro Comercial M.T. PB. Oficina P-23.

Telf.: +(58) 0281 287 1335 / 287 1537

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